RSS Consultancy provides information and advice on high-end audio equipment design, specialising in valve (tube) technology, including the production of technical articles and reviews for journals and magazines.

Advice also provided on information technology in the NHS with a particular focus on Primary and Community Care issues.

Current and past activities:

Hi-Fi and Television

For Hi-Fi enthusiasts wishing to build their own stepped attenuator to replace the volume control in their amplifier, I have written two Javascript programs to calculate the values of the resistors required; one for a resistor string attenuator and the other for a shunt attenuator.

If anyone wants to test 300B triodes on a valve tester that doesn't support these valves, click here to read how I solved the problem with my B&K Dyna-Jet Valve (Tube) Tester Model 606.

Studer A810 Firmware

I have an EPROM programmer and firmware images of three versions for the Studer A810: 25/86, 01/88 and 25/91. I also have a small stock of the correct blank EPROMS for the machine (ST M2764A-2F1, the 200ns version of the chip as per the original specification). If anyone wants to upgrade the firmware in an A810, I may be able to help - please contact me at the address below. Note that the most stable version is 01/88. Version 25/91 only enhances the timecode function of the machine and I understand that it is not quite as stable as the 01/88 version.

I have written a number of articles for Hi-Fi and audio magazines over the years. Links and some reproductions of the submitted articles as PDF files are available here.

For anyone interested in television engineering, I wrote an article for Wireless World back in 1979 entitled "Colour Synthesizer Design for the PAL System" on the design of a unit to electronically generate colour television pictures from a black & white source. The article can be downloaded here.

For narrow band television engineering enthusiasts, I have written an article on how to display images from recordings of Baird 30-line television. Download the article here.

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